350bbl Tip Up Cement Silo

ProAll's 350bbl Portable Tip Up Cement Silo is a mobile storage solution designed for efficient handling. Featuring a 10" discharge screw, 10-HP motor, and forced feed auger system, it ensures seamless material transfer. Safety features like the Safety Fall Arrest system and WAM stainless pulse jet silo vent prioritize operator well-being. With a powder-coated exterior, this silo offers durability and convenience. Available in gas and electric options, it's a versatile asset for concrete operations.
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350bbl Tip Up Cement Silo Details

Robust Construction for Reliability

Standing at 8′-6″ in diameter and towering 37 feet in height, this silo provides ample space while maintaining a compact footprint. Its robust construction ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable asset for your concrete business.

Streamlined Material Transfer

Equipped with a 10″ discharge screw powered by a 10-HP motor and gearbox, material handling becomes a breeze, facilitating seamless transfer and distribution. The forced feed auger system further enhances efficiency, ensuring a steady flow of materials when needed most.

Simplifying Loading and Transport

Convenience is key with our 350bbl Portable Silo, featuring a 4″ fill pipe with a male quick coupler for easy loading. Its heavy-duty torflex axle and tires, brakes, lights, jack, and pintle hitch, guarantee smooth transportation and maneuverability on any job site.

Built-in Measures for Peace of Mind

Safety is paramount, which is why our silo comes with the Safety Fall Arrest system or an outside ladder with a cage installed for your peace of mind. Additionally, the bin vent dust collector SILOTOP ZERO, ensures optimal ventilation and maintains the integrity of your materials.

Maintaining Material Integrity

Proper airflow is crucial for maintaining the quality of stored materials within our 350bbl Portable Tip Up Cement Silo. The WAM stainless pulse jet silo vent provides efficient ventilation, preventing moisture buildup and potential material degradation. This advanced venting system works tirelessly to uphold the integrity of your materials, guaranteeing optimal performance and longevity.

Performance with Style

Finished with a powder-coated exterior, our portable cement silo not only delivers exceptional performance but also boasts a sleek and professional appearance. Upgrade your concrete business today with our 350bbl Portable Tip Up Cement Silo and experience unmatched reliability and efficiency in material storage and handling.

200 LoPro Cement Silo

The 200 LoPro Cement Silo revolutionizes concrete operations with advanced features ensuring seamless material flow. Its compact design and efficient 5-HP discharge screw minimize downtime. Safety features like electric brakes and a relief valve prioritize operator well-being. With internal dust filter and availability in gas/electric options, it's a versatile asset for any concrete operation.
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200 LoPro Cement Silo Details

Aeration Pads and Air Vibrator

The 200 LoPro Cement Silo has enhanced material flow mechanisms: 8 aeration pads and an air vibrator. These features ensure consistent and efficient material flow within the silo, guaranteeing smooth and reliable operation.

Dimensions and Mobility

The compact design of the 200 LoPro Cement Silo has a travel height of 13′-6″ and a width of 8′-6″. This design allows easy transportation to job sites of any size, while its modest dimensions ensure minimal space requirements and maximum mobility.

Discharge Screw and Drive System

Benefiting from efficient material transfer capabilities, powered by an 8″ discharge screw and a robust 5-HP, 3-phase bottom drive motor, this system ensures swift and seamless material distribution. Its operation facilitates uninterrupted workflows, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity on the job site.

Axles, Wheels, and Brakes

Within the silo’s design lie integrated safety and convenience features: 2-6000 lb axles equipped with wheels and tires alongside electric brakes and lights. These meticulously crafted elements guarantee secure and effortless transportation across various job sites, ensuring operators’ peace of mind.

Internal Dust Filter

The internal dust filter, a standout feature of the silo, operates without the need for external air or power sources. Its ingenious design efficiently captures dust within the silo, fostering a clean and safe working environment for operators. This enhancement promotes productivity and elevates comfort levels on the job site, ensuring optimal conditions for seamless operation.

Relief Valve for Over-Pressurization Prevention

Our commitment to safety within the silo is exemplified by the inclusion of essential features like the relief valve. This critical component prevents over-pressurization, guaranteeing safe operation and effectively mitigating the risk of accidents and potential equipment damage.

Specifications and Weight

Presenting a comprehensive summary of the silo’s specifications: boasting an impressive 800 cubic ft. capacity, an overall length of 25′-8″, and a weight of 8,000 lb. Its exceptional performance and versatility make it an invaluable asset for many concrete applications, demonstrating its indispensable role in enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility across concrete operations.


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