Change the Game
With a ProAll Mixer Truck

If you’re relying on ready-mix concrete, a ProAll mixer truck is a game changer. Think of it as the world’s most advanced mobile batch plant on wheels. Versatile for both contractors and concrete, it’s the ultimate in dependability and profitability.

Boost Profitability

When margins are tight, ProAll concrete mixer trucks reduce costly delays that hold up your jobsite – and also go the distance when it comes to reaching remote areas.
Commander 2.0 ProAll Volumetric

Experience Flexibility

From shotcrete to gunite, utilities to roadworks, and specialized jobs like pools and landscaping projects, our concrete mixers are precision-engineering in motion.

Reduce Waste

We’re helping the best build better with zero-waste pours that lower the cost of cement overproduction and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable construction.

With volumetric mixer trucks, you break free from the limitations of traditional ready-mix concrete.

Savings over ready-mix concrete
Cubic yards per hour of on‑demand concrete
Less CO₂ emissions

What is a Volumetric Concrete Mixer Truck?

A ProAll volumetric mixer is revolutionary construction equipment engineered to mix different types of concrete to exacting specifications – right at the jobsite. Individual compartments store cement, aggregates, admixtures and water, but the actual concrete mixing starts on-site and only when your crew is ready.

Our Models

The next generation of mobile concrete mixers, brought to you by ProAll, the volumetric concrete mixer manufacturers.


Don’t let the ProAll P50’s size fool you. This nimble machine has the dexterity to navigate tight spaces like city streets with the same throughput capacity of a larger model.

P75 Sideview

This mover and shaker comes fully equipped and ready to pour with the same high-volume production capacity as the rest of our line, streamlined and delivered at an exceptional price point.


The P85 is ProAll’s mid-range model dynamo, perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and ready for a range of specialist applications. The ProAll P85 promises a more capable, more precise and more responsive mixing experience anywhere, every time.


Big projects, big landscapes, big loads call for The P95 – the largest and most robust mixer in the ProAll line-up. Perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and well suited for large scale or long-term construction projects and remote locations. For some jobs, bigger is better.

p95 trailer
P95 Trailer

This extended trailer unit is the ultimate in independent flexibility – pull this portable volumetric plant to the site and start producing.

L80 Sideview

With the dexterity to navigate tight spaces and the ability to carry 7 cubic yards, the L60 is the perfect option when weight restrictions and payload are both an issue.

L80 Sideview

When weight restrictions are a concern the Lightweight L80 Mixer is ready to go to work. Built from high strength aluminum, this mixer is corrosion resistant and is significantly lighter than a steel mixer.

G95 Side view

The G95 Gunite Mixer from ProAll is quite simply the most advanced Gunite Mixer ever built. On board digital controls and cement speed verification ensure that you get the exact mix you require.


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