Looking for a reliable mobile concrete mixer for sale? Look no further than ProAll's impressive lineup of mobile concrete mixers. With our innovative technology and customizable options, you'll have everything you need to batch, measure, mix, and pour fresh concrete on-site and on-demand.

With a ProAll Mobile Concrete Mixer, you're in control of the mix design, quality, and quantity of concrete, putting you in the captain’s seat of your jobsite and industry. Our mixers are designed and built to the highest standards, backed by over 50 years of constant innovation. When you choose ProAll, you're choosing state-of-the-art technology, flexibility, and reliability.

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Each mixer is made to order, allowing you to select the size, configuration, control system, and any additional options to meet your exact specifications. New to volumetric mixers? Don't worry, our expert team is here to guide you every step of the way.

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ProAll Mobile Concrete Mixers are designed to meet the exact specifications of every customer.

Each model in our lineup can be mounted on a truck or trailer and can be configured to work with your own chassis or ours.

Mixer Configurations

ProAll Package

Custom Fit

Mixer Only

Trailer Mounted



Don’t let the ProAll P50’s size fool you. This small 7 yard mobile concrete mixer has dexterity to navigate tight spaces like city streets with the same throughput capacity of a larger mo...



This mover and shaker comes fully equipped and ready to pour with the same high-volume production capacity as the rest of our line, streamlined and delivered at an exceptional price point. With a few...



The P85 is ProAll’s mid-range model dynamo, perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and ready for a range of specialist applications. The ProAll P85 is a 10 yard mobile concret...


PC85 Precast Mixer

The PC85 precast concrete mixer promises the same precision and control as all ProAll P-Series mixers while offering a customized experience for precast applications. The unit is skid-mounted to fit ...



Big projects, big landscapes, big loads call for The P95 – the largest and most robust mixer in the ProAll line-up. Perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and well suited for ...


P95 Trailer

Explore the pinnacle of on-site flexibility with ProAll’s P95 Concrete Mixer Trailer. This mobile concrete mixer trailer unit empowers you with unparalleled independence, allowing you to transp...



With the dexterity to navigate tight spaces and the ability to carry 7 cubic yards, the L60 is the perfect option when weight restrictions and payload are both an issue. Built with high strength alum...



When weight restrictions are a concern the Lightweight L80 Mixer is ready to go to work. Built from high strength aluminum, this mixer is corrosion resistant and is significantly lighter than a steel...


G95 Gunite Mixer

The G95 Gunite Mixer from ProAll is quite simply the most advanced Gunite Mixer ever built. On board digital controls and cement speed verification ensure that you get the exact mix you require. Pair...

control system

Our graphical and user-intuitive display ensures ease of training and allows operators to quickly assess the status of their mixer, streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency on the job site. With clear and concise visuals, it provides instant insights into mixer functions, enabling swift decision-making for optimal performance.

Switch between mix selections swiftly and seamlessly, eliminating the need for recalibration and accommodating any type of lean mix with ease. With Commander, users can effortlessly adjust their mix preferences, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency on the job site.

Efficiency is enhanced through three key enhancements: a closed-loop system for the auger motor, a parallel circuit design for belt and cement motors, and the utilization of a gear pump for various functions, ensuring responsive operation with minimal delay.

Experience the convenience of a new display area featuring a 10” interactive touch screen and keypads with 15 buttons, including 8 for available options and a 7-button encoder for operation. Monitor production in real-time with precise measurements for each mix constituent displayed on one full-color screen

Mix elements track automatically with any change in belt speed to match any pre-set water-cement ratio, ensuring consistent quality and performance. This feature, known as slump lock, maintains the desired consistency of the concrete mix throughout the production process, minimizing variations and optimizing efficiency.


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