Backfill & Soil Stabilization

When the weight of the world is above, it pays to have a solid foundation.

Backfill & Soil Stabilization Overview

There is no such thing as a typical job for a ProAll Reimer Mixer. However, backfill and soil stabilization projects are the bread and butter for many of our customers. Empowered by a ProAll Volumetric Mixer, our customers are able to deliver on these jobs with a higher degree of accuracy, flexibility, consistency and efficiency. 

Common backfill and soil stabilization applications include construction, highways, commercial zones, residential developments, dams, airfields, O&G fields and more. With a ProAll Reimer Mixer, our customers keep doing what they do - only better.

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Stable Ground. Growing Business.

By having a mobile concrete batch plant on-site,  our customers are able to work seamlessly from even the most remote locations while leveraging a range of cost and quality benefits across their operations.

  • Use only when the job is ready – eliminating wait times
  • Cost effective - no waste - only prepares what is needed
  • Provides a fast fix flowable backfill - allowing you to finish your jobs faster
  • Customizable to the project’s exact specifications
  • Lowers labor cost due to less wait time and more efficient operations

Reimers are made for this type of work: a high production, remote project that would have been difficult, if not impossible, for transit mixers to accomplish

Larry Hooper, LPR Concrete
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Model is: P95 Trailer
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P95 Trailer

This extended trailer unit is the ultimate in independent flexibility – pull this portable volumetric plant to the site and start producing.

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Elastic Concrete and Earthquake-Resistant Columns

A ProAll Reimer Mixer was the perfect solution to this two-sided problem.

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