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  • Specialty focus in the Mobile Mixed Concrete space.
  • Lead executive for 15 years at Custom-Crete.
  • Successful contributor to the advancement of the stakeholder’s position within the top companies in the industry (US Concrete, Oldcastle/CRH, Texas Industries)
  • BS Business Management
  • Involved in numerous acquisitions
  • Experienced in strategic planning (Irish Management Institute –Dublin), building high performing teams, advancing cultural change while delivering results across various businesses
  • Chaired and executed OLTEX (a highly-acclaimed Front-Line training program)
  • A business turn-around professional with expertise during difficult economic cycles


  • Lead executive for 4 years at Custom-Crete
  • Focused experience in all facets of mobile mixed concrete business including mixer design and fabrication, facility construction, safety, concrete quality, sales, training and operations
  • Developed and executed OLTEX (a highly-acclaimed Front-Line training program)
  • Experience in the manufactured concrete products industry. Primarily concrete block and pavers for leading producer Oldcastle.
  • Team member and leader for Oldcastle’s branded custom production improvement process – Everyday Excellence
  • Chairman of Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer Bureau (VMMB) for 18 years.
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering


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