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Precast Concrete Overview

In the competitive precast market - quality, consistency and costs control can make or break an operation. Our precaster partners are able to stay competitive and outperform their peers by putting their ProAll Reimer Mixers to work. With a volumetric mixer on site, operators have 100% control of the design mix, the quantity of cement produced and when and where each form is poured.

This flexibility and control equates to a better product, faster delivery and lower costs.

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Rock Solid Commitment to Quality

Whether your operation is focussed on small volume decorative forms or larger-scale foundation structures, you can count on ProAll to deliver on quality, control, costs - and service.  The key benefits of a ProAll volumetric cement mixer for precast jobs include:

  • Eliminating wastage - always produce the exact amount of concrete when you need it. Stop and start again at any time. 
  • Configuring the mix design to the exact specifications for each form and function. Change the mix at any point in the load to accommodate new designs. 
  • Ensuring the quality of your product by controlling the speed of the pour - eliminating the chance of voids.

Own your own volumetric mixer and you control the quality of your product and the profitability of your business.

The biggest advantage of having the Reimer truck is having the right product at the right time, in exactly the right quantity.

Gerrit Griessel Project Manager, SSBR Kusile Buildings
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Model is: P50
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Don’t let the ProAll P50’s size fool you. This nimble machine has the dexterity to navigate tight spaces like city streets with the same throughput capacity of a larger model.

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Case Study Feature

Elastic Concrete and Earthquake-Resistant Columns

A ProAll Reimer Mixer was the perfect solution to this two-sided problem.

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