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Universal challenges require innovative solutions.

Oil & Gas Overview

Effectively servicing the oil field,  brings with it a unique set of  universal challenges.  Remote locations, limited resources,  long wait times and idle equipment - cost the industry substantial time and money. 

Owning a specialized ProAll Reimer Mixer enables our customers to overcome these challenges, while  lowering costs, increasing quality, control and jobsite versatility. 

While a single volumetric mixer is able to efficiently tackle a range of oil field jobs, ProAll also provides supporting equipment to create a complete and dedicated, on-site cementing operation - virtually eliminating down for larger-scale projects.  What’s more, a volumetric mixer allows an operator to easily change the mix design on site, to ensure the quality of concrete is always fresh, never compromised and perfectly suited for the demands in the field.

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Concrete Solutions For O&G

ProAll Volumetric Cement Mixers are perfectly suited for the oil field and have also proven their value in mining and geothermal operations.

Service remote locations
  • On-site concrete production to eliminate transport concerns
  • Provides a dedicated, uninterrupted supply of fresh concrete
  • Ability to build a complete on-site cementing operation with supporting equipment - including pumping system, a mix tank and cement silos 
Reduced concrete waste
  • Only use what is needed - fresh concrete made to order eliminating wait times and over or under-supply 
  • No lost loads due to time constraints
  • No return loads or piles at the jobsite
  • Eliminate the need for concrete washout areas to decrease any environmental impact
Reduce idle time
  •  A dedicated volumetric mixer can sit onsite until the job is ready and produce fresh concrete on demand
Increase control
  • Use the automated controls to easily adjust the PSI mix on site

The beauty of this innovative solution is that we now control cementing services for our customers – we can now save rig time and lower project costs

Rod Tetreault, GroundForce
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Model is: P95 Trailer
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P95 Trailer

This extended trailer unit is the ultimate in independent flexibility – pull this portable volumetric plant to the site and start producing.

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Elastic Concrete and Earthquake-Resistant Columns

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