Master Your Mix

If you’re tired of the same old construction headaches and frustrated by delays, wasted materials, and the never-ending battle to meet project deadlines, let the innovations of a ProAll volumetric mixer truck put you in control!

Precision on Demand

No more over- or under-ordering, or downtime for your crew. Never feel like your job is last on your ready-mix supplier’s list. Our mobile concrete mixers mean you produce the exact amount you need, when you need it.


Scalability When it’s Critical

Whatever your project size or specs, our on-site concrete mixers adapt. From small residential jobs to large-scale commercial ventures, your ProAll mixer truck is customized to your exact business needs.


Earn a Competitive Edge

In today's fast-paced construction industry, volumetric mixers help optimize and expand your operations, impress your clients with your precision, and complete projects faster.

Your Concrete, You’re in Control

Your material costs

Orchestrate every mix, with unmatched precision – all with the touch of a screen. Preprogram up to 100 mixes with pinpoint accuracy using the ProAll Commander control system, and let the mixer do the rest.

Your Crew’s Efficiency

No more hopping in and out of the truck to reposition. Perfect for small contractors, a single operator can use our wireless remote options to operate the pour and keep the job flowing smoothly and safely, even in tight spots.

Your Carbon Footprint

Minimizing the amount of wasted concrete is eco-friendly and helps reduce waste, water use and CO2 emissions.

Ready to see precision-engineering in motion?

ProAll’s hydraulic system with variable cement metering is superior to the chain driven system used by competitors, which have a lot more downtime.

Cain Jennings

GM, Cornerstone Online Concrete

Grow Your Business with Confidence

Your Concrete, Your Rules

As entrepreneurs, your business depends on keeping costs and your productivity under control. You’re in the driver’s seat on every aspect of your business, why not take charge of your concrete, too?

  • Reduce the frustration of competing for your ready-mix supplier’s attention
  • Don’t wait for batch plants that can be located far away and cost you time and budget
  • Use less than a full load when you need to, with no waste
  • Show your customers exactly what they’re paying for

Roll with Rising Demand

You manage a fleet of volumetric trucks, and as your business grows, you need dependable engineering. ProAll concrete mixers are engineered with the most advanced hydraulic systems for less weight and downtime and more control and project versatility, from commercial flatwork to shotcrete and municipal road repairs.

  • Maintain your reputation for quality control
  • Easily train operators, as your workforce grows or changes
  • Apply innovations that streamline onsite preparation
  • Deliver to remote locations and build out new lines of business
  • Stand out for your enviro-conscious practices

Master the Seasonal Surges

Thriving in the pool construction business means being expert strategic planners, highly adaptable and coping with seasonal business fluctuations. When the window of opportunity is shorter, the ProAll G95 Gunite Mixer gives you every advantage.

  • Mix exactly right with on-board digital controls and cement speed verification
  • Manage material costs and labor shortages
  • Enjoy unprecedented control with easy clean-up
  • Never get caught by mother nature, with add-on features

Innovation Meets Infrastructure

ProAll volumetric mixer trucks are indispensable for infrastructure, offering a range of benefits that significantly contribute to the success of these complex projects.

  • Flexible, when concrete quality and quantity needs vary greatly
  • Easily change compositions same day for road works, hydro projects, bridge building, airports, military settings and more
  • Reach remote or challenging construction sites, saving time and resources
  • Address the environmental impact of concrete with lower carbon emissions, less water and fuel use, and zero waste

Questions About Volumetric Mixers?

Our volumetric concrete mixers and mobile concrete mixers are user friendly, with an easy-to-set-up control system that lets operators hit the ground running. Our experienced ProAll team can also provide in-depth training within a few days to ensure success on various projects and applications.

Register now for in-person training.

Any construction project that requires concrete can utilize a volumetric mixer. From home footings and pool builds to highway bridge replacement and highrises, volumetric mixers are used around the world. Municipalities across the country use volumetric mixers for sidewalk rehabilitation and emergency repairs. The military even uses volumetric mixers to repair airfields in combat zones. Read more.

Through our in-house research and development, engineering and production team, we’re proud to offer the most advanced and reliable volumetric mixers in the world. One of the key components of a ProAll volumetrics mixer truck is a strong and versatile hydraulics system, which is designed to reduce downtime over traditional chain driven systems that require heavy maintenance.

When your mixers do require servicing to replace worn-out parts, like wear blades, you can count on our friendly and knowledgeable service team to help you keep things running smoothly. To minimize any disruption to your business, consider talking to your sales rep about adding a one-year parts kit to your order, so you have the parts on hand.

Rest assured, we’re committed to keeping your operations running seamlessly. You can also use our training and calibration videos to keep your mixer truck in the best shape possible. See our videos.

Each ProAll concrete mixer truck is made to order. Select the size, configuration, control system and any additional options, and we’ll deliver to your exacting specifications. New to volumetric mixers? You’re in safe hands. Talk to our expert team and we’ll guide you every step of the way.


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