Continuous Pours

When there’s no room for error, your operation needs a ProAll Mixer.

Continuous Pour Overview

The logistical complexities of orchestrating a successful continuous pour job are massive. Scheduling concrete deliveries,  managing crews, equipment and resources,  all while operating 24/7 until the pour is complete does not leave room for error.  ProAll Reimer Mixers set our customers up for success and mitigate against a number of potential pitfalls. They provide greater control,  while increasing efficiencies from the start of the pour until the very last drop.

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24/7 Control. Continuous Precision Pours.

Increase Your Manpower
  • No need for a separate driver, batchman and QA - one operator can do it all
  • Decrease operator errors - each ProAll Reimer Mixer is automated,  simple to operate with excellent training and support 
Take Back Control
  • Start a job when you’re ready to pour
  • All concrete is made to order on site - simplifying logistics while eliminating down-time
  • Change out different mixes as needed for the continuous pour
Reduced Concrete Waste
  • Only use what is needed 
  • Eliminate rejected loads 
  • Reduce the material cost of the final product

The Reimers have been a real success story for this project; we’ve had continuous control over the mix and have never had a rejected load.

Justin Patterson, Project Engineer/Manager for PTC Construction
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Model is: P95
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Big projects, big landscapes, big loads call for The P95 - the largest and most robust mixer in the ProAll line-up. Perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and well suited for large scale or long-term construction projects and remote locations. For some jobs, bigger is better.

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Case Study Feature

Elastic Concrete and Earthquake-Resistant Columns

A ProAll Reimer Mixer was the perfect solution to this two-sided problem.

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