Success Stories | October 30, 2022

ProAll Announces Andrew Coates as General Manager

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Andrew Coates to the role of General Manager, ProAll International.

Andrew has worked for ProAll for nearly 10 years in various sales and operations roles and has been instrumental in ProAll becoming a global leader in volumetric mixers.

In his most recent role as Director of Sales, Andrew built and managed a team that led ProAll to 3 consecutive years of exponential revenue growth. Building on this experience Andrew is excited to lead the team at ProAll to even greater heights.

Reporting to Andrew will be: Kristine Westover, Human Resources Manager, Kelly Robb, Production Manager, Curtis Steele, Director of Engineering, Jonathan Smith, Director of North American Sales, Michelle Green, Customer Service Manager, Rod Bryant, Supply Chain Manager, Darryl McGuire, Manager, Government Contracts, Jacklyn Norris, Marketing Manager, Brian Fisher, Health & Safety Manager, and Eldon Koop, Quality Assurance Manager.

Andrew has an MBA from Royal Roads University and a BA from the University of Calgary.