Ranger - ProAll


A close cousin to the Commander, the Ranger is ProAll’s economy model control system. The Ranger features less automation and fewer programmable features in favour of a more straightforward, general purpose mixing experience.





4 admix system, 5 powder/auxiliary system capability X
Ability to set moisture contents X
Adjustable auxiliary control settings X X
Admix set points adjusted on screen with changes in belt speed X X
Auger boom/swing/chute joystick X X
Auto-adjusted water set points X
Automatic calculation of gate settings and ratios X
Calibration for aggregates and powders X
Data logging for thousands of previous mix jobs X
Digital adjustable auxiliary ratio for colour and flyash 1 only up to 4
Digital adjustable cement ratio X X
Digital adjustable vibrator times X X
Digital admix flow readings X X
Digital auger and belt speed settings X X
Digital production rate display (yd/hr) X
Mix design loading and saving up to 15 up to 50
Optional password protected screens X
Printable receipts for last 25 jobs X X
Selectable print options X
Volume stop feature X X
Water set points adjusted on screen with changes in belt speed X X
Water wash out mode X X