Image of mobile concrete mixer with crew performing infrastructure work


Industry News and Trends | June 19, 2023

The Rise of Infrastructure

In recent years, the global focus on infrastructure development has intensified, with governments recognizing its crucial role in economic growth, sustainability, and community welfare. The trend towards infrastructure projects has gained significant momentum, fueled by landmark legislation like the bipartisan infrastructure law passed by President Biden in 2021 and financing initiatives in countries like Canada. This blog post explores the current landscape, emphasizing the opportune time to enter the infrastructure concrete business due to increased investments from government bodies.


Government Commitment and Funding:

The bipartisan infrastructure law enacted by President Biden in 2021 signifies a massive commitment to revitalizing America’s infrastructure. With a staggering budget allocation, this legislation aims to improve transportation, broadband connectivity, clean energy, and more. This funding surge will create a robust market for construction and related industries, providing immense opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and established businesses.


Similarly, in Canada, over $33-billion in funding is being delivered through bilateral agreements between Infrastructure Canada and each of the provinces and territories. The financing initiatives primarily target public transit, green infrastructure, community, culture and recreation and rural and northern communities. This focus on sustainable development ensures that the infrastructure market is lucrative and contributes to a greener and more inclusive future.

Image of a volumetric concrete mixer with crew performing infrastructure work.


The Role of Concrete in Infrastructure Development:

Concrete plays a vital role in infrastructure projects, serving as the foundation for buildings, bridges, roads, and various other structures. As governments commit to substantial investments, the demand for concrete will skyrocket, creating a ripe business environment for those venturing into the infrastructure concrete sector.


Why Now is the Time to Enter the Infrastructure Concrete Business:

The investment increase from government bodies into the infrastructure market has created an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses interested in the concrete industry. Here are a few compelling reasons why the time is now:


1. Surging Demand:

As infrastructure projects gain momentum, the demand for concrete will grow exponentially. Whether it’s constructing new roads, bridges, or green energy facilities, concrete will be an essential component, ensuring a steady stream of business.

2. Long-Term Stability:

Infrastructure projects tend to have long-term timelines, providing a stable and sustainable source of revenue for concrete businesses. Companies can secure their position in this thriving sector by establishing solid partnerships and delivering quality work.

3. Sustainable Development:

The emphasis on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable infrastructure aligns perfectly with the concrete industry’s potential. By adopting eco-friendly practices and offering sustainable solutions, businesses can contribute to a greener future while meeting government imperatives.

4. Community Impact:

Infrastructure projects profoundly impact communities, improving connectivity and enhancing the overall quality of life. Concrete businesses can make a tangible difference by being part of such projects while reaping the benefits of their contributions.

The trend towards infrastructure projects, supported by government commitments and funding, has opened up a world of opportunities in the concrete business. With the bipartisan infrastructure law in the United States and the investments made by the Crown corporation in Canada, the time has never been better to enter this thriving sector. By embracing sustainable practices and focusing on delivering high-quality work, entrepreneurs and businesses can succeed and contribute to developing resilient, eco-friendly, and connected communities. Seize the moment and become a part of the revolution, shaping a brighter future for all.