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P95 Overview

Big projects, big landscapes, big loads call for The P95 - the largest and most robust mixer in the ProAll line-up. Perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and well suited for large scale or long-term construction projects and remote locations. For some jobs, bigger is better.

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Control System


Our flagship control system is the most advanced offering in the industry. Automated functions and digital controls give your ProAll Reimer unmatched control, accuracy, and consistency.

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Product Details

Technical Specifications
  • Production Capacity (m³/yd³)
    9.2m³ / 12yd³
  • Production Rate (m³/hr) (yd³/hr)
    50m³/hr (65yd³/hr)
  • Aggregate Bin (m³/yd³)
    6.25m³ / 221ft³
  • Sand Bin (m³/yd³)
    5.46m³ / 193ft³
  • Cement Bin (m³/yd³)
    3.2m³ / 113ft³
  • Water Tank (L/US gal)
    2250L / 600gal

Available Mixer Configurations

ProAll Package

More Information

Custom Fit

Mixer Only

Standard Features

  • Two-way wireless remote:
    Two-way, wireless, digital remote for easy operator use. Operate the mixer, make adjustments, or start and stop production, all with one easy to use remote.
  • Automated two product admix system :
    Two-product chemical admixture system. Once the mixer is calibrated, simply input how much of each admix chemical you require per yard and let the Commander do the rest. This automated admix system ensures you are getting the right amount chemical in every yard of concrete you pour. Standard tank sizes are 40L/10gal and 80L/20gal.
  • Electric roll-up tarp:
    An electric roll-up mesh tarp. A toggle switch on the side of the mixer is used to cover and uncover the aggregates.
  • Ticket Printer in cab of truck:
    An electric roll-up printer is mounted in the cab of the truck and is used to print the details of a completed batch or job.
  • Automated water system with manual override:
    No more chasing your slump. The Commander’s automated water system ensures you are getting the exact amount of water required for the selected mix design. The system also has a manual override so adjustments can be made as needed.
  • Aluminum fenders for drive axles:
    Checker plate aluminum fenders for the drive axles of the truck.
  • Electric Vibrators for sand, stone, and cement bins:
    Two electric vibrators are mounted on the inside wall of the sand bin with an additional electric vibrator mounted on the exterior of the cement bin. The vibrators are automated and can be set to run at a predetermined interval to ensure a consistent flow of material.
  • Variable Speed Cement Metering (not limited to only 2 speeds):
    The variable speed cement metering auger gives the control system the ability to automatically adjust the speed of the metering auger to meet the quantity of cement required for the selected mix design. This allows for use of multiple mix designs with various cement content without having to manually change gears or recalibrate.
  • Automated Chain Oiler:
    A container on the side of the mixer which is filled with oil automatically distributes oil to the chain of the belt at a predetermined number of belt rotations. How often and how long the chain oiler is engaged can be modified using the on-board control system.

Additional Options

  • Color Feeder
  • Fiber Feeder
  • Gate Height Verification Sensors
  • Belt Material Sensors
  • Auto-lube system for mix auger
  • Heat exchanger for hot water
  • Additional Admix for 3 or 4 products
  • Larger 12" mix auger
  • High Volume SCM (flyash) bin
  • Load Cell System for cement bin
  • 360 swivel chute

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