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Your mobile batch plant, on-site, on-demand.

Concrete overview

Consider your ProAll Reimer Mixer as a mobile batch plant – versatile, flexible, cost-efficient and ready for action. Use ProAll’s automation features on-site to design, mix and supply the precise amount of concrete for the job and start pouring within an hour. No waste, no wait, and the exact design mix every time.

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It Pays to be Precise

When margins are tight -  time is of the essence, flexibility matters and precision pays. The benefits of supplying concrete with a ProAll Reimer Mixer can be distilled down three key areas of focus:

Reducing Wastage
  • Pay for what you use: reduce wastage and associated costs by providing exact qualities 
  • Fresh concrete made to order on site: materials mixed on-site and on-demand eliminating wait times and over or undersupply 
  • Stop a job mid-pour and wait without wasting any concrete
  • Eliminate hot or stale loads 
  • ProAll metered delivery ensures each project is accurately billed
Increasing Flexibility 
  • Change slumps for different parts of the same job on-site, on-demand 
  • Allows for multiple mix designs at one job site with the same aggregates
  • Pour at different speeds to change as the job progresses
  • Service remote jobs sites with ease and efficiency 
Boosting Efficiencies 
  • Work day and night without reliance on a concrete batch plant
  • Save time and gas by eliminating trips to the batch plant 
  • One ProAll Mixer does the work of several truck mixers and a batch plant

In summary - concrete supplied by a ProAll Reimer Mixer will reduce waste, promote flexibility,  speed up your job and save you money.

We are able to overcome a lot of the challenges with temperature specs in extreme weather. Our concrete is not sitting in a drum truck for 30-40 minutes generating heat in the Texas weather.

It's a competitive advantage.

Lee Redfern Technical Services Manager, Custom-Crete
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Model is: P85
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The P85 is ProAll’s mid-range model dynamo, perfectly configured for high-volume production capacity and ready for a range of specialist applications. The ProAll P85 promises a more capable, more precise and more responsive mixing experience anywhere, every time.

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