Our Story

Deep roots

From the early 1960s, ProAll existed as two companies. Over this time, Reimer Alliance International grew from a small family-owned concrete producer to a world leader in specialized concrete equipment with the pioneering of their Continuous Mixing Technology. Meanwhile, Westward Products—later known as Pro-Ject—were carving themselves a sturdy reputation as manufacturers of high performance oilfield and agricultural equipment.

Better together

By 2013, Reimer and Pro-Ject had forged a longstanding business relationship, and the idea emerged to combine forces. For Pro-Ject, joining together would mean gaining an efficient new assembly facility, an established international distribution network, and an experienced sales and marketing team. For Reimer, it meant adding first-rate manufacturing capabilities as well as skilled engineering and design expertise. It was a formula for success, and ProAll was born.

Sunglasses for the future

Combining over 100 years of production and manufacturing know-how, ProAll has positioned themselves to create a whole new realm of possibilities for your industry needs. With over 100 team members and representatives in 20 countries, from research and development to fabrication to service and parts, ProAll is outfitted to provide industry solutions like never before. 

Who We Are

ProAll is a locally owned manufacturing organization that strives to be the best at creating industry solutions.

We are technicians and tradesmen, engineers and designers, managers and foremen. We are problem solvers.

We believe in Quality, Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Relationships, and Improvement.

Most of all, we believe in getting your job done right.

We know how your industry is changing. We know the problems you face every day. We know because we’ve been responding to them for a half-century.

Our Approach

From our roots some 50 years ago, our outlook has been shaped by our ability to adapt quickly and effectively to a variety of customer needs and requirements. Our tradition of ingenuity has driven continuous improvement both in the solutions we create and the way we operate.

Our philosophy is built on four key pillars:

  • Traditional values: we see importance in people and relationships, striving to serve with honesty and integrity in all we do.
  • Pioneering spirit: we excel at problem-solving, dauntless in our aim for innovation and inventiveness.
  • Global viewpoint: already an international organization, we continue to be a leader not only at home, but worldwide.
  • Achievement: our success thus far has been grounded in prioritizing growth through change, learning, and uniqueness, which continues to guide our operations to future accomplishments.