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Trailer Mounted Mixers

This extended trailer unit is the ultimate in independent flexibility – pull this portable volumetric plant to the site and start producing.

All models are available on trailers, contact our sales team to learn more.


P95 Trailer Mount

Production Capacity (m3/yd3) 9 / 12
Production Rate (m3/hr) (yd3/hr) 50 / 65
Aggregate Bin (m3/yd3) 5.55 / 7.25
Sand Bin (m3/yd3) 5.55 / 7.25
Cement Bin (m3/yd3) 3.2 / 4.2
Water Tank (l/US gal) 2275 / 600
Auxiliary Engine Diesel 100 HP
Hydraulic Pumps Load sensing axial piston pump
Aggregate Proprietary Belted Chain Delivery System (mm/in) 610 / 24
Cement – variable metering auger (mm/in) 150 / 6
Water Delivery System Hydraulic pump – manual valve
Dual Product Admix. System (l/US gal) 3 tanks 45 / 12
Mix Auger Length (mm/in) 2550 / 102
Mix Auger Diameter (mm/in) 250 / 10
Vibrators No./ Type 2 – sand 1 – cement /Pneumatic
Monitoring Display Reimer MasterMix
Operator Controls Omnex wireless with redundant controls on main panel


Mixers can be utilized in a wide variety of configurations:

  • Trucks
  • Demountables
  • Trailers
  • Statics


  • Variable Production Rates: up to 60 cubic meters/hour
  • MasterMix Electronic Display: digital counter for calibration and delivery measurement
  • Full Function Controls: wireless remote, rear-mounted switch panel
  • Hydraulic Control System: advanced, proprietary
  • Hydraulic Pump: load sensing, PFC, variable displacement, piston-type tandem
  • Proprietary Belted Chain Conveyor System: low cost maintenance
  • Dual Cross-Auger Cement Metering
  • Variable Cement Metering
  • Chemical Admixture System: dual-product, dual-flow
  • Power Swing: hydraulic rotary actuator
  • Pneumatic Vibrators (optional: Electric or Hydraulic)
  • Multiple Powering Options: rear engine PTO, transmission PTO or separate auxiliary engine
  • Water Tank: rotationally molded polyethylene
  • Fenders: light weight, durable, non-corrosive – poly or stainless steel


  • Fiber Dispensing System
  • Supplementary Cementing Materials Dispensing System
  • Color Metering System
  • Ticket Printers
  • MasterMix DataStore Module
  • Electronic Roll-Up Tarp Covers
  • Auto-Lube System: ensures proper lubrication, helps reduce service costs
  • Larger, 320mm Mix Auger
  • T-Handled Wired Remote Control
  • Internally-Mounted Vibration System: for reduced noise
  • Pressure Washer System

“The custom pool building business is based on word of mouth – our reputation at being the best in the business has enabled us to see tremendous growth. When we first decided to purchase volumetric mixers so that we could take control of our concrete delivery, it wasn’t an option to purchase anything but the best – that’s why we use Reimer Mixers.”