Commander - ProAll


Introducing the Commander, an all-new control system from ProAll that makes the Reimer Mixer the most high performance mobile mixer in the world.


For the first time, all elements of your mix are precision measured several times a second, and auto-controlled by a cutting edge PLC system.


Grab total command of your mix with fully digital controls, all on one dashboard.


All functions are connected—including belt speed, water, and cement—so your slump and strength are right, every time.


Command cement
Change your strength quickly and easily with no recalibration necessary, including any type of lean mix

Cutting edge hydraulics
A digital control system ensures your belt never speeds up or slows down

Digital controls
All adjustments to the mixer can be made on one easy dashboard

High definition display
Monitor production in real time with precise measurements for each mix ingredient on one full colour screen

Slump lock
Mix elements track automatically with any change in belt speed to match any pre-set water-cement ratio


  • 4 admix system capability
  • 5 powder/auxiliary system capability
  • Auger boom joystick
  • Auto-adjusted admix set points
  • Auto-adjusted water set points
  • Data logging for thousands of previous mix jobs
  • Digital adjustable auxiliary ratio
  • Digital adjustable cement ratio
  • Digital adjustable auxiliary control settings
  • Digital adjustable vibrator times
  • Digital admix flow readings
  • Digital auger and belt speed settings
  • Digital production rate display
  • Mix design loading and saving
  • On screen calibration for aggregates and powders
  • Optional password protected screens
  • Selectable print options
  • Volume stop feature
  • Water wash out mode


The Commander control system is now available on all ProAll Reimer Mixer models, with any mixer mount configuration.