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Introducing the ProAll Spider Fleet Management System

An evolved fleet management system

Managing a fleet isn’t easy.

Keeping all those drivers accountable for their tasks.

Ensuring your trucks are running the way they should.

It’s a headache, one that many owners and operators in the concrete industry know all too well.

Fortunately, a fleet management system can save you and your company a ton of problems.

Thanks to GPS tracking, owners know exactly where their trucks are.

They can also dispatch from the cloud and send operators wherever they need them to be.

But what if you need more? What if you’d like to diagnose issues the minute they occur?

What if you’d like to see how your concrete mixer is running in real time?

Enter the ProAll Spider.

A fleet management system that does more than manage your fleet

First introduced at World of Concrete, 2020, the ProAll Spider is a fleet management system that not only allows you to track and dispatch your fleet using GPS, it also allows you to diagnose mixer performance using real-time data.

“Mixer operation can be monitored and diagnosed remotely,” says Curtis Steele, Manager of Product Development at ProAll International and designer of the ProAll Spider. “This allows our customers to check on machine health and help them with training of operators.”

But what about those who already own a fleet management system?

“The Spider’s API can easily integrate with your existing fleet management software,” adds Curtis. 

This means you can keep the system you want while enjoying the added benefit of the Spider’s diagnostics.

It also gives you deeper insight into your mixer’s health.

Mobile mixers have a ton of moving parts.

Like any piece of heavy equipment, things break down over time.

Knowing the health of your mixer can give you a leg up and allow you to fix problems before they occur. 

Curious how many rotations your belts have made?

The Spider can assess the mixer’s performance and give you a deeper insight into upcoming maintenance issues before they become a bigger problem.

Who is the ProAll Spider for?

So who benefits the most with ProAll’s fleet management system?

Mid-sized companies will love how easy it is to manage their fleet using the Spider.

“Those utilizing mostly volumetrics will see the biggest benefit,” adds Curtis. “The Spider system allows volumetric businesses to create orders, schedule loads and see all the mixer data coming back to the office.  There is no need to call the operator to find out how much more is left on the job. Simply go to the maps page, click on the mixer, and the current job information is all there including current volume poured.”

And for those running both drum and volumetrics?

We’ve got you covered, too.

The Spider can not only record everything inside your volumetric, it can also show you drum rotations and water flow inside your drum mixers.

“Generally speaking, a drum mixer has three main sensors to monitor: rotation speed/counts, slump (hydraulic pressure), and water flow,” says Curtis. “This data would also be accessible through the Spider system.”

Ready to learn more?

The Spider telematics has been designed from the ground up with the end-user in mind. 

From cloud based dispatching to remote troubleshooting, we wanted our customers to have a robust fleet management system that did everything they required.

If you’re interested in the ProAll Spider and want to learn more, please visit or contact us to schedule a demo today!