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Meeting The Demands of the New York Concrete Industry

New York City and its five boroughs are a bustling, urban environment with unique demands and challenges for the concrete industry. Did you know that if New York were a country it would have the world’s eleventh largest economy? ProAll Reimer Mixers are manufactured to help you maximize profits and meet the demands of concrete projects in New York. In today’s competitive landscape, you need to do volumes with a consistent, high-quality and reliable supply of concrete. Our mobile cement mixer trucks provide you with ‘concrete on demand’. Whether you want to start early in the morning or work late into the night, you can have full confidence that your supply is on tap and ready to deliver. With a ProAll Reimer Mixer, you have a heavy-duty machine that allows you to supply a turnkey solution to clients.

Concrete Mixer Trucks For Sale in New York

We can help you find the best mobile volumetric mixer trucks in New York. With nearly 20 million people living in the state of New York, concrete for new construction is always in high demand. ProAll is advantageously positioned to offer a whole new realm of solutions for the ever-evolving needs of the New York concrete industry. We are constantly making dramatic improvements to our line of mobile cement mixer trucks and continue to push to be the industry leader in volumetric concrete mixers.

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few of the many reasons to choose a ProAll Reimer Mixer:

  • A Reimer is two machines in one, the mixer operator becomes the batchman as well.
  • High quality concrete to any engineered specification.
  • Accurate, easy to operate controls allows for different mix settings.
  • Materials are mixed when you need them – no wait time.
  • A Reimer, a loader and a cement silo puts you in business. For maximum mobility, several material loading locations can be strategically located to minimize travel times.
  • One Reimer can do the work of several truck mixers and a batch plant.
  • We can help you reduce your manpower and downtime and increase your profits.


Production Capacity: 5.5 m³ / 7.5 yd³
Production Rate: 50 m³/h / 65 yd³/h


Production Capacity: 7.5 m³ / 10 yd³
Production Rate: 50 m³/h / 65 yd³/h


Production Capacity: 8.5 m³ / 12 yd³
Production Rate: 50 m³/h / 65 yd³/h


Production Capacity: 9.5 m³ / 14 yd³
Production Rate: 50 m³/h / 65 yd³/h

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How Mobile Volumetric Mixers Work

Those familiar with traditional concrete methods such as using batch plants and drum mixers are sometimes doubtful about adopting new technologies. People are often curious if mobile mixers can produce quality concrete? At ProAll, we understand that being able to control product quality is of the utmost importance for our customers. The ProAll Reimer Mixers accurate and easy to operate controls allow our customers to deliver high quality concrete to any engineered specification or mix design.
ProAll volumetric concrete mixers produce concrete by comparing the materials volume to the materials weight. A mixing auger dispenses the material in order to completely mix everything together. The cement then comes in contact with water to begin hydration and fully encapsulates the surface of other materials that may have been added to the mix. To ensure a smooth and complete mix, material is added to the mix auger in handfuls at a time, distributing the machine’s energy evenly every 5 or 10 seconds. ProAll Reimer Mixers help our customers to produce the world’s best concrete.

Used Mobile Volumetric Concrete Mixers in New York

ProAll is a community of experienced technicians, tradesmen, engineers and designers that manufacture mobile volumetric concrete mixer trucks and provide the service, parts and training required to ensure their effective and efficient operation. Since we update our online inventory of used cement mixer trucks daily, you’ll find our most current list of available equipment here. We specialize in only the best quality pre-owned concrete mixer trucks.

2008 Used Reimer Mixer

What Different Sizes and Features are Available for Volumetric Mixers?

Mobile concrete mixers are available in various sizes ranging from 2 to 12 cubic yard capacities and 15 to 90 cubic yards per hour depending on the mix design. These factors – capacity and speed – will determine the cost of your new volumetric mixer. To ensure that you invest in the perfect equipment for your needs, an expert from ProAll will work with you to understand the equipment’s planned use and project types. Innovative features and new technology have also affected the performance of modern mobile mixers.

ProAll’s Control System Features:

  • 4 admix system capability
  • 5 powder/auxiliary system capability
  • Auger boom joystick
  • Auto-adjusted admix set points
  • Auto-adjusted water set points
  • Data logging for thousands of previous mix jobs
  • Digital adjustable auxiliary ratio
  • Digital adjustable cement ratio
  • Digital adjustable auxiliary control settings
  • Digital adjustable vibrator times
  • Digital admix flow readings
  • Digital auger and belt speed settings
  • Digital production rate display
  • Mix design loading and saving
  • On screen calibration for aggregates and powders
  • Optional password protected screens
  • Selectable print options
  • Volume stop feature
  • Water wash out mode