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Are you looking for a concrete mixer truck in California? If so, when you work with ProAll, we can offer you the gold standard in continuous mixing technology. With an exceptional in-house team leading our research, development, engineering and production, we are unparalleled in the ready mix concrete mixer industry. We offer an exceptional variety of cement mixer trucks for sale in California to help you achieve higher profits through a higher quality concrete product formulated to your exacting specifications.

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few of the many reasons to choose a ProAll Reimer Mixer:

  • A Reimer is two machines in one, the mixer operator becomes the batchman as well.
  • High quality concrete to any engineered specification.
  • Accurate, easy to operate controls allows for different mix settings.
  • Materials are mixed when you need them – no wait time.
  • A Reimer, a loader and a cement silo puts you in business. For maximum mobility, several material loading locations can be strategically located to minimize travel times.
  • One Reimer can do the work of several truck mixers and a batch plant.
  • We can help you reduce your manpower and downtime and increase your profits.

Concrete Mixer Truck For Sale in California

There’s a ProAll Reimer Mixer for every challenge and every job. No task is too big or too small for our lineup of technologically superior mobile volumetric mixer trucks. ProAll has supplied concrete mixer trucks in Florida, all across North America and is now serving you from California.


Production Capacity: 5.5 m³ / 7.5 yd³
Production Rate: 50 m³/h / 65 yd³/h


Production Capacity: 7.5 m³ / 10 yd³
Production Rate: 50 m³/h / 65 yd³/h


Production Capacity: 8.5 m³ / 12 yd³
Production Rate: 50 m³/h / 65 yd³/h


Production Capacity: 9.5 m³ / 14 yd³
Production Rate: 50 m³/h / 65 yd³/h

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Used Mobile Volumetric Concrete Mixer in California

ProAll is a community of experienced technicians, tradesmen, engineers and designers that manufacture volumetric concrete mixers and provide the service, parts and training required to ensure their effective and efficient operation. Since we update our online inventory of used mixer trucks daily, you’ll find our most current list of available equipment here. We specialize in only the best quality pre-owned cement mixer trucks.

What Are The Standards in California That Govern The Quality of Concrete Produced By a Volumetric Mixer?

The California Department of Transportation states that:

Ensure that volumetric mixers comply and operate with the requirements specified in Section 90-3.02B(3), “Mixer Requirements,” of the Standard Specifications.

Before you begin work, you should always review specifications set out by local governments and municipalities. As a guideline in California, your machine needs to meet the following standards and more:

  • Each volumetric mixer is calibrated prior to beginning production work.
  • Certificates of compliance are provided for each delivery of aggregate, cementitious material and admixtures used in calibration tests and that the material sources are the same as those that will be used for the planned work.

During the course of the work:

  • Weighmaster certificates are provided for cement as required in Section 90-3.01C(4), “Weighmaster Certificate,” of the Standard Specifications.
  • Aggregate moisture test results, log of production data and test samples of freshly mixed concrete for uniformity testing are submitted.
  • Ensure that the contractor measures aggregate moisture under California Test 223, “Method of Test for Surface Moisture in Concrete Aggregates by the
  • Displacement Method (Field Method),” every 2 hours during production and that the information is being submitted at the end of each production shift.
  • Ensure that production data is provided at the end of each production shift in the format specified.
  • Ensure that the contractor maintains a witness scale at the production site throughout the production period. When concerns arise, accuracy checks can be made using the witness scale. Recalibration of proportioning devices may also be performed with the witness scales. Contact the district’s weights and measure coordinator to witness the accuracy checks, recalibrations, and spot calibrations

2008 Used Reimer Mixer
used mobile mixer

The Difference Between a Mobile Batch Plant & Traditional Batch Plant

Our volumetric mixers are like a mobile concrete plant – ready for your projects whenever and wherever your concrete needs arise. With a volumetric mixer you can quickly and easily set up concrete production and start pouring in less than an hour, maximizing volume and productivity. When using a traditional concrete batch plant, many projects are at the risk of being shelved because of the high cost and long installment time. As opposed to a traditional batch plant, a mobile concrete mixer is compact and easy to install with a high degree of automation, widely used in bridge, construction, water conservancy, electricity and other infrastructures. The main structure method of a volumetric mixer is modular. The installation, demolition, and transition are quick and convenient, offering tremendous benefits to our customers. The mobile batch plant can be moved in a single day with the help of a heavy-duty crane.

Volumetric mixers offer high efficient production that provides a high level of convenience for local engineering construction project. For these reasons, ProAll’s mobile concrete mixers have become more and more popular within the California volumetric mixer industry. The market tends to weed out the bad products and stay dedicated to concrete mixing products that innovate and bring a bright future to the machinery market in California.