Because you only mix what you need on the jobsite, the concrete is always fresh. This makes a Reimer Concrete Mixer ideal for remote locates. Plus, there is never any wasted concrete, unmixed product remains separated and usable indefinitely.

“We needed a batch plant out in the middle of the desert to build our wind farm. We had highly specified mix designs and a need for 120,000 cubic meters of concrete. Not only were we able to deliver on specification and capacity, but the unit that pulled the mixer to the site doubled as the loader to charge the bins and haul in the raw materials. We were lucky that we found Reimer – their products and support enabled our success.”

“The smaller dimensions of the PA-350 work well for our mountain projects. We need dependable, high quality concrete with the ability to easily transport in and out of forested, sloping terrain. These Reimers were the right choice for us.”