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Additional Admix Tanks (First 2 Included)

Additional Vibrator

Additional electric vibrators that can be added to the exterior of the aggregate.

Aluminum Tool Box

Easily accessible, custom tool box mounted right beside the admix tanks.

Aerator System

Fluff your cement powder after a long commute to the job site with an on-board aerator for cement.

Aggregate Bin Extensions

Increase your production capacity by extending your aggregate bins, allowing you to carry more aggregate to the job site.

Belt Material Sensors

Reduce operator error by ensuring the correct amount of aggregate is always being delivered. If the belt material sensor detects aggregate is empty or not striking off at the gate then the mixer automatically shuts off.

Pneumatic Fill and Filter Bag Assembly

Load cement quickly by connecting directly to a tanker using blow fill pipes and a filter bag assembly. Great option for continuous pours or remote jobs.

Cement Bin Safety Rail

Make safety a priority by adding a rail to the cement bin that folds down during transport.

Color Feeder

Color concrete just became easier with the hydraulically driven, automated powder color dispensing system from ProAll. After calibration is complete, simply select how much color pigment you want per yd and let the Commander control system ensure you meet your spec.

Custom Paint

Sometimes white just isn’t flashy enough. Stand out by having your mixer painted with powder coat in any color.

Dual Water Tank Fill

Connections on both sides of the mixer’s water tank for flexible access to refill water.

Extra Large Cement Bin (186 cu ft)

Extra Oil Cooler

When ambient temperatures are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit an additional hydraulic oil cooler helps ensure the hydraulic system stays cool.

Fiber Feeder – Standard

Pneumatic fiber feeder for jobs that require fiber in the mix. A roll of fiber is stored on board and dispensed by using air to move and cut the fiber. The fiber standard cut length is 3/4” at a maximum rate of 2lb/min.

Fiber Feeder – Chopped

Hydraulically driven fiber feeder for pre chopped fiber. Fiber is loaded into a hopper which dispenses the fiber onto the belt with an auger. Note – the only type of fiber that should be used with this feeder is Forta Mobile-Mesh glass fibers. 

Gate Height Verification Sensors

Reduce operator error with gate height verification sensors. Once a mix design is selected, the gates must be adjusted to the required height in order for the mixer to start, reducing error and ensuring an accurate mix.

Gunite Auger (9" Screw in 12" Frame)

Heat Exchanger

When pouring in cold weather, hot water is a necessity. Our tube coil heating system uses glycol from the engine of the truck to heat / maintain your water temperature.

High Volume SCM Bin

Secondary Cementitious Material bin that is typically used for mix designs that call for the use of flyash or slag. The 70 cu ft bin capacity allows the operator to carry enough flyash or other SCM on board to complete the job without needing to refill.

Large Cement Bin (133 cu ft)

Load Cell System

Load cells on the cement bin verify the weight of the cement being used in real time as the concrete is produced.

Pressure Washer

Hydraulically driven pressure washer mounted on the side of the mixer. This pressure washer can produce up to 2500 psi of pressure. 

PTO with Install

Sourcing and mounting of PTO for customer supplied chassis.

Rear Platform Extension (26 inch)

26” rear safety platform with ladder. Used to safely access the cement bin from the rear of the mixer.

Standard System Rear Ladder and Platform

13” Rear Safety Platform with ladder.

Swivel Chute

360 degree swivel chute that replaces the standard transition chute at the end of the auger giving the operator a greater radius to pour.

12 Inch Mixing Auger

Large 12” mix auger. Includes a larger hydraulic auger motor, ideal for low slump applications.

Verification Package (Load cells, belt material, gate height, and water level)

Washout Kit

When you can’t find a place to wash out. This washout kit allows you to wash out your auger and store the water in a tank on board until you are able to empty it.

Water Level Sensor

The water level sensor sends a signal to the operating system when the water level is low. The Commander then generates a warning message indicating to the operator that the water level is low. 

Water Tank Safety Rail

Fold down water tank safety rails can be used for increased safety if an operator is going to be on top of the water tank.


Production Capacity: m³/yd³

Production Rate: m³/yd³



Control System:

Standard Options:

Wireless Remote

Automated Admix System

Tarp System

Ticket Printer

Automated Water System

Aluminum Fenders

Automated Vibrators

Variable Speed Cement Metering

Automated Chain Oiler

Additional Options:

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