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About Us


ProAll is a Canadian-based manufacturing organization recognized for our leadership within the international concrete industry.

More specifically, we are a community of experienced technicians, tradesmen, engineers and designers that manufacture volumetric concrete mixers and provide the service, parts and training required to ensure their effective and efficient operation.

At our core, we are problem-solvers committed to the evolving needs of concrete producers and construction contractors who value the high-quality, performance and consistency that comes from superior technological engineering.

“We understand the challenges you face every day because we’ve been responding to them for more than 50 years.”


ProAll Reimer Mixers were developed in Alberta in the 1960s as one of the first volumetric concrete mixers ever made. Today, our lineup of volumetric mixers leads our industry thanks to our undying commitment to offering superior technology and unmatched attention to what matters most to our clients.

For more than 50 years, our success has revolved around our ability to adapt quickly and effectively within an industry that is constantly called upon to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Thankfully, our unique combination of traditional values and superior technological solutions makes us the perfect fit for anyone looking for a competitive advantage. Simply put, we offer innovative and inventive solutions to the challenges faced by the international concrete industry.


A Solid Foundation
In the early 1960s, ProAll originally existed as two separate companies: Reimer Alliance International and Westward Products. Over time, Reimer Alliance International grew from a small, family-owned concrete producer, into a world leader in specialized Continuous Mixing Technology. Meanwhile, Westward Products — who later changed their name to Pro-Ject — established a stellar reputation as manufacturers of high performance oilfield and agricultural equipment.

The Right Mix
By 2013, Reimer and Pro-Ject had forged a long-standing business relationship that paved the way for the two companies to join forces under the new brand — ProAll.

Together, we built an efficient new assembly facility complete with first-rate manufacturing capabilities and unmatched skilled engineering and design expertise, established an international distribution network and benefitted from the experience of a newly joined sales and marketing team.

Building for the Future
Combining more than a century of production and manufacturing know-how, ProAll is advantageously positioned to offer a whole new realm of solutions for your evolving industry needs.

Thanks to our 100+ team members and representatives in 20 countries, from research and development to fabrication to service and parts, ProAll is a company positioned to lead the industry for as long as customers value invention, high quality and superior technology.

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