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About Us

About Us

At ProAll, we believe there’s a better way to pour concrete. A simpler, eco-friendly way that takes the waiting times and logistics problems out of the equation. We’re passionate about making mobile concrete mixers that exceed expectations. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years. At our core, we are problem-solvers committed to the evolving needs of concrete producers and construction contractors who value the high-quality, performance and consistency that comes from superior technological engineering.

A Solid Foundation

ProAlls’s roots can be traced back to 1959, when Westward Ltd., manufacturers of agricultural, ranching, and lawncare equipment, was formed. Westward also completed a significant amount of manufacturing for Reimer Alliance International, makers of the Reimer Mixer, an industry leader in volumetric concrete production. In 1968, Reimer Alliance created one of the first volumetric concrete mixers, using a first-of-its-kind auger metering system.


Early Growth & Diversification

In 1979, after witnessing a high demand for mobile concrete mixers, Reimer introduced a new hydraulic system that utilized an industry-leading load-sensing pump. Levers became a thing of the past. During the remainder of the 1980s and 1990s, Reimer Mixers were built and marketed internationally including the US, Europe, Sri Lanka and South Africa. In 1998, Westward Ltd. changed its name to Pro-Ject.


An International Powerhouse

By the early 2000s, Reimer had cemented itself as an industry leader with markets all over the world. Our mixers could now be found in Australia, Egypt and Moscow. A new industry-leading hydraulic system was introduced, and in 2004, Reimer manufactured its 1,000th mobile mixer.


A New Beginning

In 2013, Reimer Alliance and Pro-Ject joined forces, merging decades of experience and expertise to create ProAll International Manufacturing Inc. A new assembly facility was built, complete with first-rate manufacturing capabilities and unmatched engineering and design expertise. In 2016 we introduced the Commander and Ranger control systems. The Commander revolutionized the way volumetric mixers operated and made the Reimer Mixer the most high-performance mobile mixer on the planet.


Building for the Future

With mobile concrete mixers in higher demand than ever before, ProAll is advantageously positioned to offer a whole new realm of solutions for the ever-evolving needs of the concrete industry. We are constantly making dramatic improvements to our line of mobile mixers and continue to push to be the industry leader in volumetric concrete mixers.


Where does the name “ProAll” come from?

ProAll, formerly Reimer Alliance and Pro-Ject Manufacturing, is the combined expertise of two industry-leading giants. Our name, and our company, stay true to our roots, taking the Pro from Pro-Ject and the All from Alliance. ProAll.

Never forget where you came from.
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