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When special earthquake-proof elastic concrete was required for the vertical columns of a 25-story Mexico City skyscraper, ProAll Reimer Mixers were the only equipment capable of doing the job right.

In Mexico City, public surveys cite seismic risk as the most worrying threat to daily life for residents, and for good reason: it’s one of the most seismically active regions on earth. The nation of Mexico sits atop the intersection of five large tectonic plates, with Mexico City located in the centre of the country, directly above the five intersecting faults.

When the upgrade and extension of a major water works project falls behind schedule, ProAll Reimer Mixers lift the crew back on track.   

Klipdrift water treatment works is a water purification plant near Hammerskraal, South Africa, about 30 kilometres north of the capital Pretoria. Gathering water from the nearby Pienaars river and Roodeplaat canal, Klipdrift produces over 42 million litres of water per day, providing potable water for over 150,000 people in the surrounding areas.

In San Francisco, California, Interstate 280 is a major piece of urban infrastructure. When an important section of bridgework on the highway was in need of repair, mobile mixers came to the rescue.

 What is it like to have a ProAll Reimer Mixer on the job site? Three industry professionals describe their experiences.

Polished concrete floors are becoming an increasingly popular and fashionable trend for commercial, retail, and even residential construction projects.

Looking out over the construction site for the Kusile power station, about 100 kilometres northeast of Johannesburg, South Africa, Gerrit Griessel sees a lot of work to be done. “Our part of the project is roughly in the region of 1.7 billion Rand [$130 million USD]”, explains Greissel, “we are the main building contractor on site. It’s a very, very, challenging project with lots of constraints.”

When Yoram and Sholem Cimet set off to build a major tower in Mexico City’s Glorieta Insurgentes area, they knew they had an exceptional project on their hands.

Business is booming for Steve Castle and Thousand Islands Concrete, a contractor operating out of Eastern Ontario. A veteran in the concrete industry, Castle's successful business model--leveraging the unique advantages of ProAll Reimer Mixers--has been profiled in the latest issue of Heavy Equipment Guide.

Now the only mobile concrete solution certified by SARMA, see what Reimer Mixers are doing in South Africa right now with a special feature by Concrete.TV.

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