ProAll Reimer Mixer Crew Wins American Shotcrete Association Award

The American Shotcrete Association recently presented their 11th annual Outstanding Shotcrete Project Awards for 2015. Revolution Gunite, a shotcrete contractor based out of North Carolina, took home the award for Outstanding Pool & Recreational Project, a job made possible with their fleet of ProAll Reimer Mixers.

The project involved the re-building of a residential pool at a rural cliffside home. The shotcrete crew faced many obstacles. The tight, congested worksite was very remote, and material handling became a challenge. Placing the shotcrete around existing plumbing from the previous pool was also demanding. Working closely with the pool designer, architect, and shotcrete inspector, the crew decided on a dry-mix process using silica fume as an additive to the mix design. Ryan Oakes, managing partner for Revolution Gunnite, thinks ProAll Reimer Mixers were perfect for the job: “the volumetric batch trucks that Revolution Gunite uses are designed to be able to add silica fume as an additive before the mix bowl. After careful calibration of the truck for the correct dosage, we used the silica fume in all parts of the pool except the floor”. Oakes adds that several test panels were required for each day of pouring, each of which passed long-term efflorescence testing.

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