At Work: The ProAll Reimer Mixer Experience

 What is it like to have a ProAll Reimer Mixer on the job site? Three industry professionals describe their experiences.

“We Are From the Old School” 

Pieter Joubert is an engineer at Royal HaskoningDHV, a major engineering and project management consultancy firm based out of Holland, but with offices and clients around the globe. As a veteran with many major projects under his belt, Joubert was skeptical when approached about the use of ProAll Reimer Mixers on work sites in South Africa. “We asked them to prove themselves because we are from the old school,” says Joubert. Familiar only with traditional concrete methods—those using batch plants and drum mixers—he was doubtful about adopting new technologies. Can mobile mixers produce quality concrete? Is measuring volumetrically reliable? He had to know for certain, and he had to see for himself. “First I had to pour one cubic metre of concrete where we did a lot of tests on it to prove that this technology can work, and it’s actually doing a nice job for us. We are quite pleased with Reimer [Mixers] on the site.” For Joubert, being able to control product quality is of the utmost importance, and the ProAll Reimer Mixer’s accurate, easy to operate controls allowed him to deliver high quality concrete to any engineered specification or mix design. 


“You can do it exactly, right there”

Warren Nel is a contracts manager at Ultimate Dynamic, a civil engineering and construction company based near Johannesburg. Over the years he has experienced many problems at job sites concerning the difficulty of having concrete delivered fresh, especially under circumstances requiring long distances or remote deliveries. Those problems stopped when he began working with ProAll Reimer Mixers. “You can batch proper, well-mixed concrete at the source”, says Nel. Since materials are mixed when you need them, the possibility of hot or stale loads is eliminated. Not only that, says Nel, but with ProAll Reimer Mixers’ metered delivery, you can also eliminate over or under ordering, another element he has struggled with. “You can actually batch the amount of concrete you require,” explains Nel, “if you want two-and-a-half cubes, if you want twenty-three cubes, you can do it exactly, right there”.

“You’re not restricted just to the area you’re working in”

Sean Hughes is the owner of Precision Concrete Works, a small concrete producing company operating out of Botswana. What originally drew Hughes to ProAll Reimer Mixers was the fact he could start a small business without what we calls “a massive capital outlay”. With one ProAll Reimer Mixer, a loader, and a cement silo, he was in business. With the mixer’s single person operation he acted as mixer operator and batchman, and found great success in the market. As his business grew to include multiple employees and mixers, Hughes needed flexibility with his business to continue to turn profits. Hughes found that his ProAll Reimer Mixers suited his need for flexibility perfectly: “You’re free to move, you’re free to chase projects. If you’ve got a batch plant you’re stuck in a location, whereas with this unit you’re free to chase projects. You’re not restricted just to the area you’re working in.”

The flexibility stretched to more than just geography. With ProAll Reimer Mixers pouring the concrete, Hughes discovered that he could control the batching, mixing, and delivery logistics entirely. He explains, “the biggest challenge we face is that we’re trying to make a profit, and in order to make a profit you need to do volumes, volumes with a consistency of supply. So with this unit it’s able to give us our concrete on demand, whether we start early in the morning or want to work late at night it’s on tap for us. So we are able to supply a turnkey solution to our clients.”

A Precision Concrete Works ProAll Reimer Mixer at work on a mine project in Botswana
A Precision Concrete Works project in Gaborone, Botswana