ProAll Reimer Mixer Expo A Success

The first ProAll Reimer Mixer Expo took place in Pretoria, South Africa, including seminars, a demonstration, and wind-up barbecue.

The event—hosted by Reimer SA, the ProAll Reimer Mixer Authorized Distributor for Southern Africa—was open to industry professionals, clients, and colleagues to learn about volumetric mixers and how Reimer Mixers can provide concrete solutions for their business or project.


The day included keynote speakers from Go Consult, an engineering firm; SARMA, the certifying concrete association for Southern Africa; and Scania, a partner for ProAll Reimer Mixers in the region.

A live, on-site demonstration followed at a nearby work site using ProAll mixers, the Klipdrift Water Purification Works. Expo guests watched as 7000m³ of water-retaining concrete was poured.

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