Reimer Mixer Crew Nominated for 'Crews That Rock' award at World of Concrete 2015

Cimet Construction have been named finalists for World of Concrete's 'Crews That Rock' award. The award recognizes the accomplishments of crews in commercial construction and masonry, honouring crew members for contributions to the industry and their communities.

Cimet Construction are a design and engineering company located in Mexico City, headed by father and son team Yoram and Sholem Cimet. The company's concrete crew have been nominated for the second consecutive year, along with 18 other finalists in the commercial construction category. The nomination is for the crew's work on an impressive high-rise project in central Mexico City, the LEED certified Torre Glorieta building. The building is located in one of the city's central transit points, and plays an important part of the renewal of the Glorieta Insurgentes area of the city. 

World of Concrete's nomination review states the crew has "produced already over 2/3 of the total 550,000 cubic feet with resistance up to 54 MPA and special elastic module required to endure the harsh conditions of the Mexican earthquakes...as well as pouring and polishing for columns and slabs up to the 20th of 30 levels." The entire project has exclusively used a ProAll Reimer Mixer for all concrete: "all of this has been done with a lot of vision and planning and with simple and great equipment, a mobile mixer set to work as a stationary concrete plant in a very tight plot with various other difficulties such as megalopolis traffic jams where we’ve managed to have up to 35,000 cubic feet of concrete production capacity." The 118m building is scheduled for a 2015 completion date. 

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